How to Improve Privacy in Your Phone


Why you need security?
Several android users have been a victim of data theft, and despite all the security features, the
malpractices always find a way around. Android phones are able to track locations and view
the entire browsing history. Your private data is visible to them, and it is easily misused by
anyone. Here are a few solid ways to protect your data:
Not many practice encryption and that leads messages and browsing history vulnerable to
prying. However, encryption can protect your data by scrambling it for illicit viewers. Only the
right key can unscramble it, and whatever is retrieved is often not in a readable format. Apps
offering end-to-end encryption are Whatsapp and Snapchat.
Lock Screen
This is the most basic step to protect your mobile from data theft. It is easy to set up a PIN or a
passcode for locking the phone. You can encrypt your entire mobile phone from the setting,
making it impossible to access any application without the security code.
Your web searches activity is always being tracked; you can block this by setting up a VPN, also
called the virtual private network. Once you set up a VPN, the website will be connected to a
server rather than directly to your Android device. VPN cannot provide anonymity but offer
reasonable privacy to the users. There is a flip side to using VPN is such that the device speed
decreases. A few popular VPN include TunnerBear and CyberGhost.
Hidden Messages App For Android
Many apps provide end-to-end encryption and such they are unable to be read by anyone else
apart from you. Privacy invasion happens more often that you can imagine and your messages
are the first that are snooped over. Here is a list of the best-hidden messages app for Android
that you can use for sharing encrypted messages:

Hide SMS
This app is used to keep all your conversations under wraps. You can pick any message that you
want to hide and lock it with a pin. It gives you absolute control over your cellphone.
The key features of this app include unlimited storage for hidden messages and even an option
to hide the application itself.
This popular app is to hide messages, pictures, and even videos. Vault is a Password-protected
app, which can be auto-set to capture a picture of a person who is trying to get access to your
mobile device. Moreover, you can even hide this app from your home screen with just turning
on the stealth mode.
Private Space
This app is available for from the Google Play store. It provides ample security to your messages
and contacts. In addition, it can also hide contacts from your address book. It has a lot of
customization to notification such as a specific ringtone for an incoming message.
To keep your data secure, you need to have full-proof security in place for your device digitally
and physically. You can keep prying eyes at bay by following the aforementioned methods to


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